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Original music. Each program is unique, customized for the occasion or setting.

Poetry Set to Music:

A program designed with an education as well as an entertaining emphasis. For young adults and adults. Original music written with lyrics by timeless poets such as Yeats Blake, Browning, Burns, Frost, ee cummings, Housman, Wm Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens and others.

• Weddings & Parties

Original and popular music of many genres and eras.  SONG LISTS

He has developed a new program for theaters, college and high school classrooms and libraries called “Poetry Set to Music” with original songs based upon the lyrical poetry of Yeats, Blake, Burns, Browning, Housman, eecummings, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Steven, Lao Tzu and many others.

In 2004, Yata became known for his skill in setting poetry to music with the release of the twelve song CD entitled Yata Sings Yeats, Mad as the Mist and Snow, his musical homage to the poet, William Butler Yeats.

“Mad as the Mist and Snow carries us with a quavering grace of which Yeats would be proud. This is a CD of distilled colors, tones and refined liqueurs with the old-fashioned sweetness and bitterness of old Irish theatre or blind, Breton troubadours. Yata has given us a musical opus of gorgeously loving art.” Free Verse


Yata has performed the lyrical poetry of Yeats in classrooms.

  • “Yata’s music pulls Yeats off the page and brings him alive for students. My students felt the heart and soul of Yeats through Yata’s songs. They left the performance with an enhanced appreciation not only for Yeats but also for poetry as expressed in music.” Professor Jenny Shaddock PhD, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

  • “My World Literature students were introduced to the poetry of Yeats through Yata’s music. Yata brings the poems to life with these beautiful sometimes haunting melodies. The songs give the students a better sense of each poem’s mood, tone and imagery. The music pulls the students into each poem, holds their attention, and lets them better appreciate, understand, and enjoy the works of Yeats. “Mad as the Mist and Snow” is an integral part of my World Literature curriculum, and I continue to recommend Yata’s music to my teaching colleagues, for use in the classroom and their own enjoyment.” Alison Gray, English/Journalism Teacher, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • “The poetry seemed like it was meant for the music (and vice versa); they simply flowed so well together. Your performance made the literature more approachable for us as students – it brought it to life! I am pursuing a degree in English Education and I couldn’t help but think how if I were to teach Yeats’ poetry, I would love to complement the lesson with your music.” Julie, student, UW-Eau Claire.

  • “I think putting Yeats to music does something that is lacking in lit. education. Take the poem away from the academic, critical viewfinder imposed by class, and bring it to where it should be – an art form explored artistically.” Student, UW-Eau Claire.




A review after a concert of lyrical poetry songs …

“Superbly crafted show … diverse cultural influences … truly a Renaissance man.” Gary Schuster, Executive Director, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie, WI.

Yata has performed seven CD release parties at the Mable Tainter Center for the Arts beginning in 1989.


A review after a concert at a library...

Yata delivers a delightful performance by captivating the audience with a variety of music and vocals. Library patrons found the program "Poetry Set to Music" to be refreshing and referred to it several times during the days following the event. Yata left a strong impression of his musical gifts, his humor and his love of poetry. This program is highly recommended.


And a review of a house concert on “poetry set to music” …

“When Yata sets a poem to music, he participates fully in the finest bardic tradition. His musical cart gracefully carries the weight and beauty of poetry and ideals. And he makes that beauty accessible to everyone. He shares his own reverence, and the reverence of the poets, the way a campfire gives heat and light to one walking alone in the dark. We must receive Yata’s gifts, reverently. That is what we learn from the best poets, from musicians, and from him.” Timothy Young and Dalyce Elliot


Yata: Song List of "Poetry Set to Music":

William Butler Yeats: I am of Ireland, Lake Isle of Innisfree, Mad as the Mist and Snow, Those Dancing Days are Gone, To a Child Dancing in the Wind, Girl's Song, Four Ages of Man, Her Anxiety, High Talk, Old Friends, When You are Old, He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven.

Robert Frost: Road Not Taken, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, Acquainted with the Night, Fire and Ice, The Impulse, Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Emily Dickinson: Ample Make this Bed, How Brittle are the Piers, The Only News I Know, Savior! I've No One Else to Tell, Tie the Strings of My Life, Apparently with No Surprise.

Walt Whitman: Song of the Rolling Earth, Song of Myself: Chapters 1 + 5.

William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience Introduction, Poison Tree.

eecummings: i thank You God for most this amazing, maggie + millie + molly + may.

Langston Hughes: The Negro Speaks of Rivers, My People, I too.

William Carlos Williams: This is Just to Say, The Act and River Rhyme II, Clock of the Years.

Adrienne Rich: Song

Robert Burns: A Red, Red Rose.

Robert Browning: Summum Bonum.

AE Housman: When I was One and Twenty, Loveliest of Trees.

Wallace Stevens: The Man with a Blue Guitar.

Shel Silversteen: Me-Stew

Lord Byron: So We'll Go No More a Roving

Mary Coleridge: We Never Said Farewell

Mother Goose: This is the House that Jack Built

Psalm's: The Lord is My Shepherd (Ps 23), Children's Children (Ps 103), Watchmen (Ps 130), Roll of the Book (Ps 40), You Knit Me Together in my Mother's Womb (Ps 139), Give Thanks (Ps 75), God is our Refuge and Strength (Ps 46), Under Your Wings (Ps 61), Marvelous Things (Ps 98), He Watches Over the Innocent (Ps 116).

Bible: Beatitudes (Matthew 5), Tongue of a Teacher (Isaiah 50), All Mine Are Yours and Yours are Mine (John 17), Sight to a Blind Man (John 9), My Thoughts are not your Thoughts (Isaiah 55), I am the Vine (John 15).

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu: #6 Valley Spirit, #53 Sidetracked, # 20 I alone am drifting. And more …

Poetry set to music

Song Lists


Lil Help From My Friends (D)

Under the Boardwalk (D)

Put a Little Love in Your Heart (F)

Stand By Me (E)

Pennies From Heaven (A)

Blue Moon (D)

Heart of Gold (Em)

Dancing in the Streets (G)

I Can See Clearly Now (A)

Brown Eyed Girl (D)

Lay Down Sally (D)

Bye, Bye Love (Bb F)

Jamaica Farewell (C)

Proud Mary (G)

Walkin' After Midnight (F)

Twist and Shout (A)

Lean On Me (G)

Daydream Believer (G)

Joy to the World (D)

Old Tyme Rock and Roll (E)

Singin' the Blues /Birds and Bees (F/G)

I Saw Her Standing There (A7)

Folsom Prison Blues (E)

Dock of the Bay (G)

U R My Sunshine (G)

Over the Rainbow ©

This Land is Your Land (D)

What a Wonderful World (F)


Ain' No Sunshine

Crazy Love

How Sweet it is to be Loved by U

Dock of the Bay (G)

I Shall Be Released (G)

Kansas City

Fire and Rain

I Saw Her Standing There (A)

The Last Time (E)

Mr. Tambourine Man (G)

Kansas City

Sweet Caroline (A)

Margaritaville (D)

Mercedes Benz

Rock This Town

Light My Fire (Am7)

Moondance (Am7)

Sundown (F#)

Summertime (Em)

Your Mama Don't Dance ©

Loco-Motion (D)

Rock This Town (D)

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Moonshadow (D)


Accentuate the Positive (F)

Side By Side (C)

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