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Collaborating with numerous talents in various genres, he has produced a discography of impressive breadth.


Weaving original melodies around the words of timeless poets and creating contemporary compositions from traditional sources, is Yata's metier. Mad as the Mist and Snow is devoted entirely to the poetry of William Butler Yeats. He has also crafted songs from the lyrical poems of Robert Burns, Walt Whitman, ee cummings, Langston Hughes, Adrienne Rich, Emily Dickinson, Robert Browning, William Carlos Williams, AE Housman, Lao Tzu and Biblical sources.

Rockin' blues originals were penned over a decade resulting in the CD Mississippi River Blues recorded with powerful singer Michael Flaherty. Reuniting with Dave JaVue (Peterson) of Artesian Dreams, brought spirit driven sound tracks titled Spirit of the Raven inspired by sources of Eastern philosophy.


Timothy Young and Yata offered a new trail into the wild realm of spoken word art with poem-songs on Snow Has Fallen. Next, songs of wit, wisdom, humor and mirth were written with country poet Bryce Black on Sheer Caffeine.

Nature Girl and the accompanying instrumental CD Imagination Nation were recorded over 90 studio sessions with Badfinger producer/bassist Mark Healey and feature contributing parts by sixteen acclaimed melody makers. These songs range from island calypso, Americana folk to Mississippi ragtime.


Yata, Sinz and Orfield (YSO), his current band, combines an alchemy of vocals, guitars and tenor saxophone. A twelve song set of original songs entitled Dancing in the Light came out in November, 2016. Sue Orfield was voted Best Horn by the Washington Blues Society five times, and the Sue Orfield Band received the Best Jazz Band and Best Blues Band in reader polls in Western Wisconsin. Randy Sinz started playing bass in his father's country band as a kid and continues to sing and perform in groups as varied as rock, blues, country swing and Americana acoustic.

tiny flowers is an eleven song set of original songs by Yata featuring string arrangements by renowned musician Hans Christian on cello, bass, harmonium and flute. Experience the peace of wild things that honor the earth.

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